Liv Nutrition

A unique line of synergized organic CBD formulas, designed to work in harmony with your body, bring you back into balance and promote ultimate health and wellbeing. 

3 x 30ml tincture – 500mg Organic CBD


Our best-selling LIV CBD KIT is created in order to give you the most essential tools to use on a daily basis, for you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Our LIV CBD KIT is a sample kit of all our three current formulas: Female, Calm and Active, in order to cover all the basics health troubles that you may encounter, for you to thrive and feel your absolute best.


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Plant-based, Responsible & Sustainable

Our products are sourced directly from nature - and backed by science. We have taken a holistic approach to the supplement industry, to protect our planet, as well as our bodies. Not only do we create products, that elevate and enhance your overall health and wellbeing, but we also want to ensure, that the making of our products doesn’t create any harm on our planet.